Kvaser introduces the T-cannector v2 CAN hub

05/03/2015 by Kvaser

With 3 female and 1 male D-SUB9 connectors, the Kvaser T-cannector v2 is a hub/splitter that provides adjustable CAN termination and an external power source to the network. Connect multiple CAN interfaces, dataloggers and/or multiple CAN channels together quickly and easily with the T-cannector v2, without the risk of creating short circuits or time spent from wiring them together yourself.

The adjustable CAN termination resistor (120/60/0 Ohm) on the the T-cannector v2 provides an effective and safe way of terminating the CAN circuit, and the external power capability is ideal for powering devices that take their power from the CAN network to which they are attached, such as Kvaser’s Blackbird and Memorator series.

With the launch of this product, Kvaser underlines its commitment to providing extremely price-competitive, easy-to-use tools that allow engineers to start gathering CAN data within minutes. Use cases include pairing the T-cannector v2 with Kvaser’s OBD II to DSUB9 Adapter Cable (00723-9) to connect multiple CAN dataloggers to just one ODBII diagnostic port, or combining it with Kvaser’s free CanKing CAN bus monitor software to perform loop back tests on CAN channels.



To find out more, visit the T-cannector v2 product page