Kvaser CAN interface supports MathWorks Vehicle Network Toolbox

18/07/2017 by Kvaser

As one of the associates for MathWorks hardware support, Kvaser participated in the MATLAB EXPO 2017 China User Conference. Throughout the show, Kvaser demonstrated how Kvaser CAN interface hardware supports MATLAB and Simulink and contributes to a product design ecosystem that speeds the development of intelligent products for the IoT era.

Vehicle Network Toolbox provides connectivity to CAN devices from MATLAB and Simulink using industry-standard CAN database files. The toolbox provides MATLAB functions and Simulink blocks to send, receive, encode, and decode messages. The toolbox also supports the sending and receiving of messages using XCP over CAN for calibration and validation of engine control units (ECUs).

Vehicle Network Toolbox supports Kvaser CAN interface hardware using the latest version of the Kvaser CANLib driver library. With Kvaser CAN interface support, you can perform the following tasks in MATLAB or Simulink: transmit and receive CAN and XCP messages; pack and unpack CAN messages for simplified decoding and encoding; filter, log, and replay CAN messages; use .dbc database and A2L description files; find and display CAN interface device settings. Click here to view the latest version of the Kvaser hardware and interface support Vehicle Network Toolbox.